LATEST ORDERS/LETTER ISSUED - Western Regional Committee



NCTE WRC has no Role/Responsibility for non-reciept of letters/orders by the institutions. The letters/orders recieved back undelivered have been posted here for information/ downloading by the institutions.


To Code Date of Uploading Letter/Order Type Action
GVMS Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, North Goa WRC/APP2596/ M.Ed. 9-11-2017 Refusal Order View
St. Joseph Vaz Institute of Education, South Goa WRC/APP201660302/ D.El.Ed. 3-5-2017 Recognition Order View
Ganpat Parsekar College of Education, North Goa WRC/426002/ B.A.B.Ed. 4-3-2016 Recognition Order View
Gvms Dr. Dada Vaidya College of Education, North Goa WRC/APP2596/M.Ed. 4-3-2016 Letter of Intent View
Nirmala Institute of Education, North Goa WRC/APP2201 5-2-2016 Recognition Order View